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All mainstream browsers include spyware and sell our online habits and details to various third-parties for advertising and other revenue-generating purposes. This is an aggregious betrayal of consumer trust by tech companies, and so it's important to show this is not acceptable by switching to a browser that doesn't commit such actions. Here are a couple web browsers that you can trust aren't keeping tabs on your comings and goings.

Some browsers claim to remove spyware only to add their own. A comparison of various browsers is available at the Spyware Watchdog's Comparison of Web Browsers page.




Librefox is a patched version of Mozilla Firefox with a large collection of privacy enhancements built on top of a cleaned bundle of Firefox.

Various privacy-related preferences are set and locked by default to prevent unintentional or malicious alteration. This can be manually overridden by the user.

Librefox starts off with no addons bundled in, allowing you to start with a clean slate and install what you want, and only what you want. Its homepage lists a selection of addons that they recommend.

GNU IceCat



GNU IceCat is a patched version of Mozilla Firefox with all of the telemetry, spyware, and extra features either disabled or removed.

IceCat goes so far as to come bundled with addons that force the browser to block “non-trivial” javascript, or request permission from the user each time third-party content is accessed. I actually recommend disabling all the builtin addons, as they continually interrupt browsing in pursuit of strict purity. These can be replicated by addons with much better user interfaces, such as uMatrix.

In addition IceCat has a nice “Privacy Settings” section on a blank home page. One caveat is that these are browser settings, affecting all visited sites. Where desired, I disable the browser feature and have addons replicate that functionality but on a per-site basis.

Recommended Addons

about:config Options

There are plenty of guides on the Internet with different recommendations for switches to set in about:config, often for old versions of Firefox. Icecat and Librefox have some switches already set to disable various features you probably don't want or need, such as geolocation, webgl, etc. There may still be a few to keep an eye out for:

The following are optional, and may make browsing less convenient.